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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  Lifetime, Television for Women
Is it just me or is the programming on the Lifetime network a little bizarre? The Lifetime network is dedicated to programming for women, but if you look at the movies that they show, you wonder what women really wants to watch this stuff?

There is normal fair, such as Golden Girls, Mad About You, Designing Women and The Nanny.

But then you have the movies, like A Killer Upstairs, Touched By A Killer, Till The End of The Night, these movies are about people killing or kidnapping women, raping women, and such things. Why do women want to watch programs like that, what is up with that? To me that is just strange, I don't want to see programs about women being raped and murdered every day, but if you watch the Lifetime channel you have a good chance that one of the days movies will be about that.

Lifetime, the channel for Women, seems to focus on everything that women fear. But maybe in facing these fears it makes women stronger. But I just think it is strange... But then I am a guy what do I know.
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