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Monday, August 29, 2005
  I'm A Rock Star
lou reed
You're Lou Reed.
God, you are cool, can I touch you so the magic
will rub off?
You are perceptive, witty, and badass. You wear
cool shades, even at night, and probably wear
black more than most people. You don't give a
fuck what other people think, but you are also
very sensitive in the way that you pick up on
things that others don't. Sometimes you come
off as an asshole, but that's what makes you
cool. You are a poet, and you embody New York
City. You will still be hip when you are old,
and artists love you.

Which rad old school 70's glam icon are you? (with pics)
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  It's the start of the School Year again
My daughter started High School today, 9th grade. Hard to believe that it has been 15 years since she was born let alone the fact that she is entering High School. I think that she is entering what can be the best 4 years of her life. I know some people probably had a better time in college, but for me high school was where I found the friends that I remember the best. It could be that I was more involved with people then, in college and later in life I found that I am basically a rather non-social person. One with interests that are out of the mainstream and as a result I really don't care to become close with too many people.

I do know that I am very picky about friends and do not commit to them easily. It may be that my wife and I have found in the past that every time we got close to another couple, with which we had more than just one interest in common, that they would move away. As a result, I have to say that we got rather gunshy about becoming close with other couples.

So to my daughter, I say, cherish the next 4 years, they easily can be the best years of your life, and the friends that you make in High School will stay in your memories for the rest of your life.
Friday, August 26, 2005
  New York, New York
I spent the first weekend in August in New York city. The family, my wife, daughter and I went to New York to see Spamalot. It was a Sunday performance, and unfortunately we did not get to see Tim Curry, a favorite of my wife, or Sara Ramirez, who won the Tony. However, the cast was top notch and David Hyde Pierce was great in multiple roles. Hank Azaria had already left the cast but his replacement, Alan Tudyk was very good. Afterwards, several of the Cast Members including David Hyde Pierce came out and signed autographs. I am often amazed that they would take the time, it is always fun to see how gracious many actors are, and how many of them realize that their fans are part of how they got there.

As you are walking around New York City, and travel on the Subway, I get the feeling how New York City natives get the reputation for being rude and impersonal. I rode the subway on the weekend, it was not crowded, and I could only imagine what it would be like if it was crowded. But I think that is what contribututes to the outward appearance of New Yorker's being rude and uncaring. You need to be insolated on the subway, you speak only to people you know, if you are alone it is like being in an elevator. You stare straight ahead, read a book, listen to your tunes. It is a world unto itself. Then as you leave the Subway, and move toward your destination, you still are isolated, you are just one of many people moving about crowded streets, with a single-minded purpose.

This, is of course nothing more than some random observations. I enjoyed the entire time I spent in New York, although I think I could live there, I don't think my family could live there, I just would not feel comfortable living in New York City with a 15 year old girl living in that City. Just something that doesn't feel like something I would be comfortable with, but then again I am not a big city type of person...
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
  Wandom Wednesday
The weekly wandom wist...

1. Selig Sind, Die Da Leid Tragen: Ein Duetsches Requiem: Johannes Brahms
2.Alternative Polka [Medley]: Bad Hair Day: Weird Al Yankovic
3.Gloria - Domine Deus, Agnus Dei: Gloria: Francis Poulenc
4.The Kingdom, Op.51: IV (cont): And as they spake (contralto) ... The sun goeth down: Elgar
5.Act 1 The Plgrim Meets Evangelist: The Pilgrim's Progress: Vaughn Williams
6.Symphonie fantastique: Mvt 3: Hector Berlioz
7.His Yoke Is Easy, His Burden Is Easy: Messiah: George Frederick Handel
8.Vespers (All-Night Vigil), for alto, tenor, & chorus, Op. 37: Bogoroditse Devo: Rachmaninoff
9.Facade [Reprise 2]: Jekyll & Hyde: Frank Wildhorn
10.Man of God, now let my words be precious: Elijah: Mendelssohn
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
  Wandom Wednesday
Here is the list:

1. There Were Shepherds Abiding in The Fiels: Messiah: George Frederick Handel
2. Symphonie No. 9 - Movement IV - Ralph Vaughn Williams
3. Diaphonic Suite No 1: Scherzando - Ruth Crawford Seeger
4. Heilig - Schubert
5. Thoreau - Charles Ives, Songs
6. The New Ghost - Poems by Fredegond Shove, No. 3 - Ralph Vaughn Williams
7. A Sound Of Distant Horn - Charles Ives, Songs
8. Credo - Missa Brevis In F - Mozart
9. Life's Railway To Heaven - Nitty Gritty Dirtband - Will The Circle Be Unbroken 2
10. Pirates Of Penzance Sequence - Forbidden Broadway
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
  Back From Vacation
I spent some time at the Jersey Shore last week, a well needed respite from work. On vacation I did some reading walking on the Boardwalk, photography, and did something I have not done in quite some time, I wrote a poem.

So here it is...

Bike Ride For Bagels

Weaving through walkers,
Surreys moving slowly,
Runners huffing,
Checking their pulse.
Wind to our back.
Down the ramp.
On to the sidewalk,
Waiting for red lights,
Riding through green.

Coffee, coffee, coffee,
Half and Half, Sweet 'n Low,
Oatmeal Raisen Cookies.

Sitting on a bench,
My wife and niece shop,
Families walk by,
Or Mother and Daughter?
Pidgeons perch on top of windows.
Sparrows sing in the trees
Or peck at crumbs on the sidewalk.

Couples walk by,
Hand in Hand,
Or just talking.
Relationships have become,
What Relationships are.
They speak to each other in a code
Borne of familiarity.
Phrases bring back memories
Of Children,
Of other hand-holding walks,
Of love different then, than now,
Of families grown and moved away,
Or just starting life together.
Relationships are,
What relationships have become.

Back on the bike,
Up the ramp,
On the boards again.
Riding against the wind
Gliding the bike comes to a stop
Young girls in tanktops approach,
Breasts swaying seductively as they pedal.
Concentrate on what's ahead,
Not what is approaching.
Weaving through walkers,
Surreys moving slowly,
Runners huff and puff,
And check their pulse.

Down the ramp,
Over the uneven pavement.
Ow, Ow, Ow...
Onto the street,
Into the alley,
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