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Thursday, June 09, 2005
  What I have been saying for years, it is not a choice, got that!
From the Daily Kos, from Time Magazine:

"The Scent of a Man" reported on new research showing that homosexual men's brains register the same response to male hormone-like pheromones as women's brains do [May 23]. That finding could be used to support the idea that sexual orientation is present from birth. As a gay man, I am frustrated by the ongoing debate about whether sexual orientation is a choice. Why is it that the people who are in a position to know the answer to that question---gays---seem to be ignored by straight people? If you're straight, ask yourself when you chose to be straight. You are what you are; there's no choice involved."

First off, I am not gay, but I have many gay friends, and in my discussions with them none of them made the "choice" to be gay! They found they just could not be "straight." Try as they might, relationships with women were not fulfilling.

I know there was no time in my life, where I made the choice to be straight, I have just always found women attractive. So all of you out there that think it is a life choice, think about it, if it were a choice, you would have had to make the same choice, did you? No! It should be that simple, but it never is.

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