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Friday, March 10, 2006
  Python: Church Music Assistant v0.01
One thing that I have not really talked about here is my professional life, I am a programmer by trade, currently writing things in VB6, Java and Python. I picked up Python about a little over a year ago, when I got hired in my current job.

Well one of things that I started working on in my spare time was something to keep the Church Music that I select such as hymns and anthems organized.

My first attempt was to do a tradional application in Windows using python and wax a wxPython wrapper. Well I didn't get very far, basically because I got swamped at work.

Well recently I have been exposed to TurboGears, and I bit the bullet and have upgraded my Python to 2.4, so now I am all set to recode my app in Turbogears.

My plan is that this will become the start of progamming diary, about the trials and tribulations of creating a Web Application from scratch with a totally new framework. I have done this professionally in .NET and in a language nobody probably has heard of MetaHTML, but I have not done it recently so it will not necessarily be a new experience, but I am sure it will be an interesting one.

I will keep you all posted.
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