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Monday, March 13, 2006
  Python: SQLObject or How Dumb a Programmer am I?
Ok, I know that I am dumb sometimes, but I also must be really thick too. It took me most of the day to figure out how to do a simple select query in SQLObject.

Basically I ended up doing something like this:

def VoiceTypeContents(self):
p =
html = "<li>" + str(p)
if p > 0:
for i in range(p):
vt = VoiceType.get(i + 1)
html += "<li>" + vt.description
return html

Now I am sure there is a better way, but the biggest complaint that I have with programmers and I am one of them, is that we suck a doing documentation. And since a lot of open source stuff is early in its development cycles, examples are quite sparse.

Now that being said, I think that SQLObject is a great package, and I can see the power of it and I am sure as I figure it out it will be fun to work with, but boy did I pound my head against some walls today.

Next is doing the same thing as above but using templates. :) Dumb stuff I know, but it is how we learn.
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